The right way

I’m packing a few (ahem) extra pounds at the moment – so I’m looking for ways to get fit.

I think the key is probably to do something you enjoy and I’m easing my way back in with family walks around Nunthorpe.

There are a wealth of public rights of way to enjoy in our area – and you can see them here on this map.

This weekend we ventured along one of my favourites, following the path adjacent to the Nunthorpe and Marton Recreation Club and across the Nunthorpe Bypass over St Mary’s Church. 

It was the first time my family had been up that way and I think they were quite taken aback by the wheat fields, stretching far into the distance. If you have a recommendation – or photos to share – I’d be happy to feature them.

Here are three Nunthorpe things that I’d love your feedback on this week.

Any other business

Marton Shops is becoming a burgeoning spot for eats and drinks – with a new Italian restaurant set to join other new businesses including Bloc and The Wonky Carrot. 

When I was out and about before the local elections in May, many Nunthorpe residents I spoke to mentioned they’d love to see new places to eat and drink here too, from coffee shops through to restaurants.

Do you agree? If so, what would you like to see and where? 

On the buses

When was the last time you caught the bus?

I’d have happily hopped on yesterday when it started to tank down – but presuming they’d be few and far between I didn’t bother checking the timetable and one flew past.

Bus provision was one thing mentioned to me during my campaign – and I’d be interested in hearing residents’ thoughts on buses and public transport more generally.

Would more regular services, at different times, encourage you to swap your car on your work commute, for example?

Park it

With the consultation on The Avenue Play Park now at a close, the new equipment should soon be on its way.

As well as that it’s been confirmed by council officers that money left over from the play park funding can be spent on new benches, giving parents and grandparents the opportunity to sit down and have a well-earned rest. Result.

If you have any concerns, issues, ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the Nunthorpe Matters Facebook page, via or on 07938119858. My next ward surgery will take place on Monday, August 19 at 6.30pm at Nunthorpe Institute. Make sure to pop by!

3 thoughts on “The right way

  1. As a regular walker and cycle rider, it would be great if the direct route between Pinchinthorpe and Nunthorpe could be restored near Morton Grange Farm so that one doesn’t have to negotiate umpteen stiles to complete the journey. If this was a direct route, people may even commute by bicycle between Nunthorpe and Guisborough!


    1. Hi Colin. Thank you for your comment. I am in the process of talking to council officers and Sustrans (who look after the National Cycle Network) to look into the feasibility of a route between Nunthorpe and the NYM – for the benefits you describe: fitness, commuting as well as traffic reduction, tourism.


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