Finders keepers

Sometimes an idea just takes hold and really captures the collective imagination.

#LookForABook is just that – a summer holiday trend where children have been hiding books along with a note for other children to find, creating a giant UK-wide book treasure hunt. Just the kind of thing needed to tempt kids away from the screen and pique their interest.

I loved the idea so much that I was determined for Nunthorpe to play its part – and I enlisted the help of the kids to help me on my mission.

And we were thrilled to hear – via the powers of social media – about two of the children who had found the books we’d hidden!

If you’d like to join in then this Facebook group is really helpful.

Onto this week’s roundup…

Power of three

This week I asked residents three things that they’d like to see happen in Nunthorpe – and there were some fantastic responses.

Many of the things suggested are ideas I absolutely embrace and I’m actively working towards – such as improved cycle paths between Nunthorpe and the North Yorkshire Moors, a new community centre and working together to give young people more to do in our area. 

A new pub was also on many residents’ priorities.

You can see what else was high on the wish list for residents here.

Autumn fun

There’s a lot to look forward to in the Nunthorpe Autumn calendar – from fireworks at the recreation ground on Guisborough Road through to Halloween fun hosted by Nunthorpe Community Council at The Avenue Primary School. 

One thing that I’ve been Googling though is how to make a scarecrow in readiness for the Nunthorpe Scarecrow Festival.

To join in – and to raise funds for Devon’s Dream Team and South Cleveland Heart Fund – make a scarecrow, submit entry with £5 donation and display outside your house for judging from September 29.

The winner will be announced at a scarecrow fancy dress party at the recreation ground on October 5. Good luck!

Visit this page for more details.

To market, to market

It was great to see the recreation field filled with food and drinks stalls – from the quirky Barista Sisters through to homemade cake stalls – at last week’s summer fun day.

Could we look to widen the selection for a Nunthorpe Farmers Market or similar?

There was a fantastic Christmas market last year, hosted by The Naughty Habit on Guisborough Road, and many residents have commented on how much they enjoyed it.

What are your ideas for a Nunthorpe market?

If you have any concerns, issues, ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the Nunthorpe Matters Facebook page, via or on 07938119858. My next ward surgery will take place on Monday, September 9 at 6.30pm at Nunthorpe Institute. Make sure to pop by!

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