Help Nunthorpe’s hedgehogs

Tired parents know that play parks can be a saviour.

When you’ve exhausted all options – and the kids are bouncing off the walls – a walk to the park to let off steam can be just the ticket (whilst you take a minute on the bench…).

Sadly our Nunthorpe play parks have lost a bit of sparkle.

But now there’s good news! Read about it in my weekly roundup below.

Play time

Two Nunthorpe pay parks are set for improvement.

With the help of Nunthorpe Community Council and Nunthorpe Parish Council, I consulted with members of the public to look at the next steps for The Avenue Play Park after £10,000 funding was secured by my predecessor Lesley McGloin.

And now I’m thrilled that the new equipment is set to be installed – which includes a new sky carousel and slide – with work commencing September 16. New benches are also on their way to the play park.

The missing Mallowdale Park swings are set to be replaced too, week commencing September 23. This will be welcome news to many residents who have contacted me frustrated about the situation.

Hurrah for hedgehogs

Who doesn’t love hedgehogs?

The kids and I were delighted to spot two of the little fellas on the way home from the Southern Cross. And thankfully both seemed in good health.

But sadly this isn’t always the case – and England’s hedgehogs are at real risk. 

In the 1950s England was home to 30m and this figure is down to just 1m.  The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs report says hedgehogs could disappear for good unless something is done.

There has been a national call for people to bring in their football nets after the RSPCA reported a spike in hedgehogs becoming entangled and seriously injured or killed, a Nunthorpe resident recently freeing one in exactly that situation.

And things could get worse in coming weeks as hedgehogs are on the hunt for food ahead of hibernation, travelling further in their quest for slugs and snails. 

The Government has launched a new road sign to be placed in areas where hedgehogs cross roads – and I’ve requested Nunthorpe is considered.

Where in Nunthorpe do you think is the place most suitable? 

Green machine

Nunthorpe is about to become even greener.

Voluntary group OurGreenways has announced its bid to the National Lottery Community Fund has been successful.

Almost £10,000 will go toward green and healthy projects across Nunthorpe – and I know there are already some great ideas.

If you’re a business that would like to offer matched funding then Our Greenways would also love to hear from you.

I look forward to supporting OurGreenways in its next steps.

If you have any concerns, issues, ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the Nunthorpe Matters Facebook page, via or on 07938119858. My next ward surgery will take place on Monday, September 9 at 6.30pm at Nunthorpe Institute. Make sure to pop by!

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