Nunthorpe 2020

A new year, a new decade and time to turn a fresh new page.

It’s a great opportunity for renewed motivation to work towards all the things you want to achieve.

As ward councillor for Nunthorpe there are still so many things I’d like to achieve during my time representing the area.

One thing I’m always keen on is hearing your hopes for our area. What are the things you’d like to see change or improve in Nunthorpe?

Here is an update on some of the things I have been up to recently to make progress in our area.

On the road

Speeding and parking are big issues in Nunthorpe, both topics raised time and time again with me.

Along with Nunthorpe Community Council, Nunthorpe Parish Council and my fellow ward councillor Jon Rathmell, we have been busy looking at ways we might be able to tackle such issues in the area.

We recently had a round table discussion with the council officer responsible for Middlesbrough’s roads and the police.

As well as more frequent and varied speed awareness operations, there will be more double yellow lines in areas which are dangerous to park.

We are also working hard to set up a Community Speedwatch scheme, where residents can help make drivers aware of their speed. If you’d like to help please let me know.

Step to it

I’m one step further to establishing a walking bus in Nunthorpe.

This is where parents can drop their children at a designated point and volunteers will walk to school with pupils.

This week the road safety officer at Middlesbrough Council has approved my suggested route for the walking bus and will be hosting a meeting to brief volunteers.

If you can spare an hour on a Friday morning to help then I’d love to hear from you.

Tweet tweet

Feeding the birds is a pleasure for many – and something I’d like to encourage in Nunthorpe’s green spaces.

Do you have any ideas where we could host a bird feeding station?

I posed the question on my social media, one suggestion being the wooded area at The Avenue play park.

It’s a timely topic with the RSPB’s #BigGardenBirdWatch taking place at the end of this month, its aim to conduct a nationwide bird survey.

To join in visit this link.

If you have any concerns, issues, ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the Nunthorpe Matters Facebook page, via or on 07938119858. My next ward surgery will take place on Monday, January 13 at 6.30pm at Nunthorpe Institute. Make sure to pop by!

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