Doctor, doctor

There are a few things that were at the very top of people’s wish lists for Nunthorpe when I was out campaigning.

And one issue that was consistently mentioned was a new Nunthorpe GP surgery.

As we all know, Nunthorpe is growing.

The current GP surgery, on Guisborough Road, has served my family very well – God knows at one point there was barely a week that went by with a toddler and a newborn when I didn’t need something.

But…with our increasing population, we need a better facility.

I’m happy to discuss progress on this in this week’s round up.

Call the doctor

The number of patients served by Nunthorpe Surgery has increased by 20% in the last five years, leaving the patient roll close to being full.

MP Simon Clarke arranged for those calling for a new Nunthorpe doctors surgery to tackle this increased demand to sit around the table in a meeting last week.

It was great to hear the dedication of those involved – and offer any help we could provide in taking the scheme to the next stage.

Dr Stewart Findlay, of South Tees CCG, confirmed that he would be making a positive recommendation to the CCG Board to approve the business case for a new surgery at its December meeting. Excellent news!

You can read more here.


I believe trees are vitally important in Nunthorpe – and part of what makes it such a beautiful place to live.

I was really concerned when I discovered that 12 trees were to be felled to the rear of Whernside.

After arranging a meeting with Middlesbrough Council department heads I found out that this was due to a historical decision to pollard the trees, which unintentionally damaged them. The trees are now structurally compromised and I’ve been assured that they must be taken down.

As there are mixed feelings about the scheme, I arranged for a Middlesbrough Council officer to attend a meeting on site and answer any questions or concerns from residents.

The meeting on Friday went well and I’m happy to now report that I have gained assurances from the council that there will be two trees planted for every tree lost – and you can see the proposal attached.

The numbers in black are the proposed locations to mitigate against the loss of the 12 Whernside trees. Those with red numbers are part of the Dixons Bank reinstatement.

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Last orders

Well – it looks like we’re one step closer to a pub in Nunthorpe.

I know that there is a real mix of opinions on this, particularly those who will live close to the venue.

Out on the doors on the run up to the election, more places like this were what many would love to see here.

I think as long as it’s done responsibly, if it gets the green light, it will be somewhere we can all enjoy that causes little issues for those living close by.

If you have any concerns, issues, ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the Nunthorpe Matters Facebook page, via or on 07938119858. My next ward surgery will take place on Monday, October 7 at 6.30pm at Nunthorpe Institute. Make sure to pop by!

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